Age of Empires III: Complete Collection

Collection of strategy games set in the dark ages


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  • Category Strategy
  • License Full version
  • Works under Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by Ensemblestudios

We exist in the dawn of a new time where RTS-action has taken a completely new direction. Age of Empires III places you in a hostile but beautiful environment that is filled with revolutionary gameplay and a plethora of different strategies. One of the newest features that gamers will enjoy in the Age of Empire III Complete Collection is known as "Home Cities." You will access your European Home City to look at military, economic and technological support. The Home City that you have will depend on the gamer. You make the improvements to the city in between games.

When the developers created Age of Empires III, they had an ambitious goal that stretched beyond state-of-the-art graphics for an RTS game. They also wanted to create the best-looking game out of all the games. Released in 2005, the graphics you saw in Age of Empires III were revolutionary for that time. Click the "Campaign" button, and it will take you into the adventure of historical fiction. You adopt the role of Morgan Black with a family that struggles in the hostile wilderness. There is a mysterious cult that showed up from Europe. In total, you have 24 scenarios that have been divided into three separate acts. During the story, Morgan Black and his family aid the Aztecs in their fight against the Spanish conquistadors. They also turn the French against the British, which turns into the French and Indian War.

Multiplayer mode has always been the attraction of RTS games. Whether you want a bigger challenge or friends online to fight against, the multiplayer sets you up with a community of gamers that will talk strategy and help each other play stronger.

The benefit of multiplayer is how you play with the Home Cities on a more consistent basis. The Home Cities gain power, and they will put you into strategic positions. More games played means that you can compete in dozens of ladders and can even participate in clans. Adding the Home City feature has had other benefits. For example, in the RTS landscape, you can find its incorporation into all aspects of Age of Empires III. Whether it relates to campaign or multiplayer, Home City makes it feel more like a role-playing game. It gives you support in your exploration efforts of the New World. Even during the game, your home city will send military units and supplies.

You lead your colony into war, but your success in the New World reflects on Mother Europe. The more games you've played, the more prosperous your Home City, and every few games, you are given the option to both customize and upgrade your city. Age of Empires III Complete Collection is sure to give you hours and hours of action-packed gameplay.


  • Interesting Story
  • The Home City Adds a New Element to RTS Games
  • Stunning Graphics
  • A lively and Active Online Community


  • No Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming
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